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Nurture your Inner Goddess

Deity, Divinity or Spirit can be another name for Goddess. Goddess references the feminine divine.  A Goddess demonstrates love for ALL including herself and is confident in her power but remains humble. She is able to love herself equally to others, understanding that to fully love, respect and care for herself, others will do the same. And, as she loves herself she is at the same time extending that love outward. Why then is it so difficult for mortal women to love themselves and care for themselves the way they care for others?  The mortal woman will exhaust herself to the point of fatigue and frustration taking care of the needs of others. She may even feel it is selfish of her to put herself first to nurture her own needs.  It may be the martyr mentality. Nevertheless, what she doesn’t understand is that it is not selfish at all. To truly love another one must first love oneself.  When a woman nurtures herself and feels fulfilled she no longer seeks others to nourish her. The mortal woman who can fulfill her own needs becomes empowered with the understanding that her true fulfillment comes from within. She has filled her own cup. When her cup is full, it becomes easier to give of herself. When her cup is running low, she knows what she needs to do to bring herself up again. The anger and resentment of giving and never getting back, dissipates and is replaced by JOY. The mortal woman’s soul is nourished and fulfilled. She has given that gift to herself. That is LOVE.