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“Isn’t there anything YOU can do?”

Last month my husband awoke and began complaining of pain in his lower right abdomen. “Could it be food poisoning?” He asked. I reminded him that he would be violently sick by now if it were food poisoning. Besides the fact that I ate the same meal he did. As he described his symptoms he asked what else I thought it could be. I am not a doctor but I listened to my intuition and I said “It could be diverticulitis.”
He immediately went to the computer and scoured the internet. All his research led him to the same conclusion. The lack of appetite, loose stools and location of the pain was indicative of diverticulitis. I suggested he see a Dr to confirm this but it was the weekend and we were going away. He’d have to wait until the following week. “What if it gets worse while we’re away?” He asked. I knew that was his way of saying, “Isn’t there anything YOU can do?” I immediately consulted one of my favorite books, “The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy” by Valerie Ann Worwood. Scanning the index, there it was a recipe of essential oils for diverticulitis.
Diluted in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil mix
2 drops peppermint oil
1 drop chamomile
3 drops rosemary
1 drop clove
I reached for the various oils from my essential oil apothecary and mixed up the concoction. As the book instructed, my husband immediately began to rub the mixture on his abdomen. After a couple of days of applying the oil, avoiding foods that would exacerbate his condition as well as drinking lots of water. He felt significantly better and never got any worse. He never did go to the Dr except to see the chiropractor.
The chiropractor suggested another possibility, that a portion of his lower intestine was twisted. Perhaps that added to the discomfort. However, my husband continued applying the oils and watching the foods he ate and no longer has any pain.

So, before you take any over the counter medicine, try some alternative and natural approaches. Natural approaches help aid the body in healing more completely and gently. If you are not sure what natural approaches to try? Give me a call or email me. I can help you with that.