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Effective Water Workouts for Summer Slim Down


Summer is here and the time is right for getting wet! You don’t have to stop exercising now that’s it’s hot; just change it up. Dip into the refreshing water. Since water provides 10-15X more resistance than air. you can burn more calories and gain overall toning quickly while burning 3 1/2 times more calories than if you walked at an average pace.

You don’t have to know how to swim or need fancy equipment. Two pool noodles are about all you’ll need.

1. Psuedo lap swim  – Walking in the water while the arms windmill complete rotations.  Walk at least 15 minutes.

2. Water walking – To add intensity speed up the pace or use water dumbbells as you swing your arms through the water. Try to walk at least 15 minutes without stopping

3. Leg Lifts – One leg at a time swings front to back 10x then out to side pulling the leg in to the center of the body.

4. Tread Water – This is a more challenging exercise but SO effective.  In deeper water lift your feet off of the bottom and do a gentle scissor kick as your arms are out to the sides sculling hands (making figure 8’s on the water surface)

5. Noodle or Kickboard – This is a challenging exercise. Hold the noodle or kickboard in front of you, lay on your belly and start kicking your feet. The object is to propel yourself across the pool surface. Start with 5 minutes and work your way up.

It’s fun, but make sure you are drinking plenty of water! You may not feel thirsty in the water but you still sweat.

Need some extra help and have your own pool? Let me assist your pool workout with a private one hour session. Or, get your friends together and I’ll lead a fun water fitness class for your group.

5 Easy Stretches for Stiff, Sore Muscules

Feeling Stiff and Sore? 
Try These 5 Easy Stretches for relief
Whatever the reason for your stiffness, whether it’s from too much sitting or too much yard work, these stretches will help relieve those aches and pains. Do them everyday or at least 3x per week for maximum benefit.
1. Child’s Pose
Relieves lower back tension and stretches shoulders. Hold for 10-20 seconds.
2. Runner Stretch
Step one foot forward, bend front knee as you lower it to the ground while the back leg stretches out behind you. Try to place the top of your foot on the ground. For a deeper stretch lift straight leg knee off the  ground.
Stretches hips, quadriceps and hip flexors. Hold 10-20 seconds
3.Straight  Leg Reach
Inhale and reach for your toes  as you exhale keeping your back straight. No rounded shoulders. It’s okay if you can’t reach your toes. Hold at the point of max stretch.
Stretches: Hamstrings, glutes &  lower back.
Pull toes toward you for a calf stretch too.
4. Straddle Stretch
Sit on floor with wide legs. Inhale, slowly exhale while walking your hands forward until you feel the stretch in your inner thighs and hips. Hold for 10-20 seconds & walk hands out further & hold for 10-20 seconds.
5. Downward Dog
This a more challenging pose but stretches
from your calves to your shoulders. Start in kneeling position, slowly lift knees and try to straighten your legs. It’s okay if your knees are bent. Hold 10-20 seconds at the point you feel the stretch.
Stretching everyday keeps the muscles and ligaments loose and supple. When muscles are loose, blood, oxygen and nutrients can circulate more easily giving you energy.
If you would like more stretches for a particular area of your body feel free to contact me!