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10 Tips, Tricks and How To’s for Better Health

1. Drink plenty of water – Our bodies are 60% water and need it to survive and helps transport nutrients to muscles and cells while regulating your body temp. Filtered water is best since much of our water supply contains chlorine and fluoride. A standard rule is 8oz of fluid 8times per day. If you want to quench your thirst, skip the soda and reach for plain old H2O first.
A common symptom of dehydration is tiredness, achey joints, muscle cramps.

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2. Exercise – Sitting is now being called the “new smoking.” Studies have shown that prolonged sitting is harmful to your body. Back pain, tightness in the hips and neck are common. You don’t have to join a gym, just get up off the chair and move. Get outside and take a walk. We are spending a considerable amount of time sitting at a computer or other electronic device. Sitting for long periods causes a lack of circulation and a build up of fluid in the legs. When you lie down the fluid travels to the head and neck making it difficult to breathe and can cause sleep apnea.
Long periods of sitting produces more triglycerides, the type of fat that can raise stroke risk.

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3. Sleep – You need your ZZZ. Our society is overscheduled and constantly connected. When we sleep our brain goes to work in a different way than when awake. A platoon of neurons emit electrical signals to soothe and help us sleep. At the same time information processors sort through all the information that your brain received all day. The brain monitors and balances hormones, enzymes and proteins. Sleep improves concentration and memory skills and regulates our weight. When you don’t get enough sleep the overworked cells eventually collapse, causing illness, disease and premature aging.


4. Receive Bodywork – We abuse our bodies, sit too much, daily repetitive movements and prolonged stress all contribute muscle tension and pain. Before you schedule a Dr appointment or take a pill, Get a massage or other form of bodywork. The list of benefits are endless and it feels good too!
A. Alleviates lower back pain
B. Reduces medication dependence
C. Boosts immunity
D. Improves joint flexibility
E. Decreases anxiety and depression
F. Improves circulation
G. Improves quality of sleep
H. Reduces fatigue
Experts agree that 90% of disease is stress induced. Increased benefits occur with regular sessions.


5. Play! Hobbies and leisure activities are healthy endeavors. It has been proven that spending time doing things you enjoy can delay signs of aging and promote positive feelings reducing the toxic effects of stress.
A. Being active enhances your immune system
B. Improves your self esteem and socialization
C. Being active and relaxed leads to better quality of sleep.
Remember the saying? “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So get up and move, play, sing and dance.


6. Meditate – A quiet spiritual practice in whatever form that is right for you. Taking time for silent reflection improves concentration, promotes deep relaxation and helps connect our mind and body. Often we are so busy “doing” we become disconnected with our bodies and its signals. Spending time in meditation improves self awareness.

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7. Supplement your diet – While many may say if you eat a balanced diet you don’t need to take supplements. However, our food today does not contain the same nutrient value it once did. With the overuse of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics on livestock, we end up adding more contaminants to our system. While purchasing organically produced fruits, vegetables and meats is ideal it may be quite costly. Eating a healthy diet with regular exercise and quality supplements tend to live longer, healthier lives. When purchasing supplements, refrain from buying from the grocery store, pharmacy. Most contain substandard ingredients and are not absorbed efficiently. Not sure what to take? Take this questionnaire. For more specific information on what supplements you need.

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8. Natural Remedies work better than most medications. Those herbal remedies and folk remedies your grandmother used to use and talk about really do work. When you have a cold with congestion, use steam inhalation. A pot of boiling water over the stove with a towel over your head breathing in the steam cleans out sinuses. A nettie pot (looks like a mini tea pot) works well also by flushing the sinuses with saline water. Adding therapeutic grade essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus or tea tree enhances the efficiency. Lavender and peppermint are beneficial for headaches while tea tree and oregano oil are great for infections. The list goes on.

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9. Get outside! Did you know taking a walk in the woods is good for you? Not just as exercise but the trees and plants emit their natural protective oils into the air which you breathe in when walking. ShinRin Yoku is Japanese for Forest Bathing which is actually prescribed to people in Japan. Connecting with nature lowers blood pressure, decreases anxiety and improves overall feelings of well-being. In clinical studies by Dr Joe Dispenza it was proven that 2 hours of Nature sounds per day significantly reduces stress hormones up to 800% and activates 500-600 DNA segments known for healing and repairing the body.


10. SMILE, LAUGH. Have FUN!- Don’t take life so seriously, see the humor and laugh whenever you can. Remember the saying, “laughter is the best medicine”? Watch a comedy show, read a funny book. Humor combats stress, pain and negativity, creates hope and lightens burdens. It also helps keep you grounded, focused and alert.

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Our health is our responsibility. If we want to be healthier then we need to make the decision to create the changes necessary to live the life we desire.