Finding Healing With Mother Nature

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Hello world!

With this blog I hope to communicate the healing qualities of nature and its powerful effects on our being. Through my own love of the outdoors I hope to share my experiences, thoughts and insights and general info pertaining to nature and healing.

 In nature I feel a tremendous spiritual connection to something much greater than you and I and want others to be able to feel what I feel when out kayaking along the or hiking.

As a massage therapist and bodyworker I often observe people when I am out in public and I can’t help but notice how many of these people appear to be in pain, are rushing at a crazy pace to get somewhere else in a hurry. Like hamsters on a wheel, we run in circles, faster and faster hoping that we’ll get everything done and finally have time to sit back and relax. But that time never comes because there is always a ” to do” task to fill the one’s we just completed.  On and on, day after day this cycle goes. We become so accostumed to the pace that we don’t even recognize the pain and imbalance our bodies are in.  Wlhen we do finally feel the pain, we are in excrutiating pain or some disease has manifested. We want to slow down, we want time to do the things we enjoy but don’t know how. It  feels unnatural to move slowly and mindfully. Therefore, we never seem to be able to allow ourselves the rest and quiet time we truly crave. I am not exempt from this affliction. When I move at the fast forward pace to get everything done, I can feel the anxiety setting in as my breathing becomes shallow, my nerves feel on edge, I am restless and unable to relax.  I have found that the remedy that works best for me is it get out of the house and into nature. Taking a long, quiet, mindful (paying attention to the natural surroundings) walk outside slows my breathing, slows the chatter in my head and helps me feel grounded and connected to the earth making me calm and relaxed. I am then better able to handle life with more peace and find insight into a problem which aids in the resolution.

I urge anyone who is seeking a respite to try getting out in nature for at least an hour. Be silent and walk slowly. Only pay attention to your senses, sight, sounds, smells, touching. Truly allow yourself to experience nature then  let me know the effect it had on you.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy future posts and pics.